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Love property investing? Wish you could reach financial freedom doing it and get much better at choosing the right property?

Why Property Mentor?

Property Mentor was founded to help aspiring investors reach financial freedom through intelligent property investments and achieve the life they desire.

Save Money

99% of people lose their money in property investments because they don’t understand the market. Our mentors will show you how to avoid that mistake and invest in properties wisely!

Save time

You could try and learn all of this on your own for the next 20 years, or you can save your time and become a professional investor in less than 12 months by joining our network of mentors!

unlock success

Property Mentor has over 30 years of combined experience from our professional mentors, and have taught thousands of students to become successful in their careers and buying decisions!

What You'll Gain From Our Programs.

Learn how the pros always seem to make the right buying decisions to earn huge profits. All the secrets the experts don’t want you to know about are revealed inside!

knowing the right numbers

Is that property you want to buy a good investment, or a financial black hole? Discover the secret formula that the pros use, and you’ll know in seconds!

mastering area research

Learn this one skill, and you’ll be raking in cash in no time! One of the most important skills in property investment.

How to Negotiate

Learn the 4 simple rules for negotiation, and the skills on how to talk to property owners and agents that get you your desired properties below market value!

Advanced Strategies

The secrets of the trade are revealed, like how to flip property without using your own money, special agreements to use that most people have never heard of that get you deals even easier than ever before!

having a power team

“Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.” A support team of people as passionate as you are about property will have all the difference in your success as a property investor.


Donald Trump and the richest billionaires are able to make so much money with property because they have their own mentor to guide their decisions. Our mentors give you the same level of expertise!

About the Founder

We are an elite group of property investors, and have been involved with legends like Robert Kiyosaki and Andrew Walker.

Toni Ninkovic

Born in Serbia, Toni moved to South Africa 10 years ago. He pursued his passion of property investing. He was personally mentored by the legendary Andrew Walker (involved in over 600 property transactions), and has been associated with the likes of Robert Kiyosaki and other industry titans.

He has held countless seminars teaching over 15,000 people, and personally mentored hundreds of students to success in their property investment careers.

After seeing thousands of people consistently lose their money investing in the wrong properties and getting themselves into millions of rands of debt, he decided enough was enough. He set out to create a platform where anyone could learn how to invest in property wisely and avoid losing their money, and so Property Mentor was born.

Student Testimonials

Check out these stories to see how people like you have used Property Mentor to be successful in property investment!

After just 2 months, I found my first winner. It was a small 2 bedroom town house … and through careful guidance with Property Mentor, that property ended up with R86,450 net profit. I highly recommend Toni for his knowledge, and his enthusiasm to keep me in the game, and Property Mentor!

Allan clark

Getting out of my day to day rut had always been a mission for me. It had always been my dream to start my own property investment company. I had done countless courses but it never seemed to help me out in the long term. That’s when I heard about Property Mentor and their personal one on one approach. I bought my first property which I live on and get a profit from, and have a mentor who constantly supports and motivates me.


I came into the market after a series of courses and training seminars that didn’t really seem to be much help or benefit. I heard about Property Mentor through one of our colleagues and decided to give it a go. From then on we’ve secured our first deal making profit and starting our future in the investment world. It’s an eye opener at the levels you get to when there’s someone by your side helping you every step of the way.


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