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Do you love the idea of property investing? Would you like to move towards being financially free? Does the thought of leaving a legacy or changing the cycle of poverty in your family resonate with you? Do you want to see drastic improvement in the type of results your life is currently reflecting?
Then, property investing might be the very thing that gets you on the path towards an increased quality of life. With the right knowledge, support when you need it most and the right network of professionals you can get the results you seek and we are here to help you achieve just that. 

Why Property Mentor?

Property Mentor was founded to help aspiring property investors reach financial freedom and achieve the life they desire, by investing in the right deals.

Save Money

The vast majority of inexperienced investors lose money in property investing by overlooking crucial details. Fact is, you don’t know, what you don’t know. (and you’ll end up paying for that) Our mentors will show you how to avoid mistakes and invest wisely!

Save time

You could approach the property investment market by yourself and learn lessons the hard way, one by one, over a stretch of time. Or.. You can speed things up!
By leveraging off your mentor’s knowledge, experience and contacts you can get better results, faster.   

unlock success

Attempting to invest by yourself without support is possible but why waste precious time, hard-earned money and go through the rollercoaster of navigating the investment world all by yourself? Our mentors can help you find your feet fast, and you can start, or speed up, your journey with a massive advantage counting in your favour. 

What You'll Gain From Our Programs.

There is more to investing in property successfully than meets the eye. You could earn huge profits by making the right buying decisions. As an investor, you make your money when you buy not sell. Don’t miss this! We guide you through the tricks of the trade and success secrets that will set you apart in the industry. Many of these little gems are the product of experience, continued education and the right network. Our network of investors and mentors gives us exclusive access to a broad scope of skills, experience, and knowledge. That means you benefit directly when you form part of our team. Below are just some of the things we cover along the way:

knowing the right numbers

There is a great saying when investing; “Buy with your calculator, not with your heart”. The property that gets you all excited might not be the one that makes investment sense. If you know, and use, a tried and tested system to compare deals (hidden costs considered) you are miles ahead of the rest of the market.

mastering area research

“Property is about location, location, location!” But, that is of no worth when you do not know how to do area research. Does your goals and strategy work in a specific area? How do you predict future equity growth?  If you overlook taking a specific consideration into account, the money will be flying out of your ‘account’ quite literally. (Pun intended)  

How to Negotiate

Your network equals your net worth. Let that sink in. Having the right professionals on your side is essential for your property investment success. By leveraging off the passion, experience and knowledge of the team of professionals we’ve built relationships with, you save yourself the effort, time and money.

Advanced Strategies

The tricks of the trade revealed! How to invest with little or none of your own money. Investment strategies that few people even know about. Basically, the advantage you don’t want to be caught without when it comes to optimising profits and increasing your portfolio.

The right power team

Your network equals your net worth. Let that sink in. Having the right professionals on your side is essential for your property investment success. By leveraging off the passion, experience and knowledge of the team of professionals we’ve built relationships with, you save yourself the effort, time and money.


According to Forbes, Real Estate is the 3rd biggest sector producing Billionaires. Almost all of them are advocates for working with a mentor in some capacity. Having someone teach you the ropes, double-check numbers, bounce ideas off, resolve challenges with and just being there with you is quite simply invaluable. 

About the Founder

We are an elite group of property investors, and have been involved with legends like Robert Kiyosaki and Andrew Walker.

Toni Ninkovic

Born in Serbia, Toni moved to South Africa 10 years ago. He pursued his passion of property investing. He was personally mentored by the legendary Andrew Walker (involved in over 600 property transactions), and has been associated with the likes of Robert Kiyosaki and other industry titans.

He has held countless seminars teaching over 15,000 people, and personally mentored hundreds of students to success in their property investment careers.

After seeing thousands of people consistently lose their money investing in the wrong properties and getting themselves into millions of rands of debt, he decided enough was enough. He set out to create a platform where anyone could learn how to invest in property wisely and avoid losing their money, and so Property Mentor was born.

Student Testimonials

Check out these stories to see how people like you have used Property Mentor to be successful in property investment!

After just 2 months, I found my first winner. It was a small 2 bedroom town house … and through careful guidance with Property Mentor, that property ended up with R86,450 net profit. I highly recommend Toni for his knowledge, and his enthusiasm to keep me in the game, and Property Mentor!

Allan clark

Getting out of my day to day rut had always been a mission for me. It had always been my dream to start my own property investment company. I had done countless courses but it never seemed to help me out in the long term. That’s when I heard about Property Mentor and their personal one on one approach. I bought my first property which I live on and get a profit from, and have a mentor who constantly supports and motivates me.


I came into the market after a series of courses and training seminars that didn’t really seem to be much help or benefit. I heard about Property Mentor through one of our colleagues and decided to give it a go. From then on we’ve secured our first deal making profit and starting our future in the investment world. It’s an eye opener at the levels you get to when there’s someone by your side helping you every step of the way.


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