We love helping others achieve their goals.

“Anyone can be successful on their property investing journey,
all you need is sincere commitment, the right network and
the right mentor to guide you.” 

Toni Ninkovic

Our Mentors are specialised in various strategies, in different sectors, across South Africa.

There is more to investing in property successfully than meets the eye. We guide you through the tricks of the trade and success secrets that will set you apart. The vast majority of these little gems are the product of experience, continued education and the right network. Our network of investors and mentors gives us exclusive access to a broad scope of skills, experience and knowledge. That means you benefit directly when you form part of our team. Below are just some of the things we cover along the way…  


We will teach you how to determine supply and demand and weigh up different opportunities against each other. Where to get information and how to interoperate the results. Thus mitigating the risk of losing your valuable time and money.


Auctions can be tricky. This is one strategy where you better make sure you know what the game’s rules are! Understanding the rules here can be the difference between an investment that take you out the game and one that skyrocket your success. 


There is an array of secret advantages that the professional has access to that the amateur is completely unaware off. We will guide you step by step to ensure you are equipped to be at the leading edge of market data available. Which off course means better investment decisions and the upper hand in the industry.


If you thought you are either born with the gift of the gab or not, think again! There are simple strategies and methods we can teach you in minutes that would significantly increase your negotiation power. This is a super power whether you are on the buying or selling side


When looking at what resources you have available the most valuable by far is knowledge. You don’t need tons of money or any at all for that matter. As long as you have the right knowledge. We teach our clients the strategies to invest if they do not have time or money.

About the Founder Toni Ninkovic

Elite property investor, who learnt from legends like Robert Kiyosaki.

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Toni moved to South Africa 10 years ago. He pursued his passion of property investing soon after. He aligned with top investors, mentors and industry giants in South Africa. Furthermore he joined a team that taught thousands of students, on an international level, in association with Robert Kiyosaki and other industry titans.
He spoke at countless seminars teaching over 15,000 people about property investing and he personally mentored numerous students in order to reach success in their property investment careers, meet their goals and reach their dreams.

Toni has a passion to motivate, educate and support individuals to reach their dreams. He decided to create a platform that would make a much needed difference in the lives of average South Africans. With Property mentor he brought education to the masses, by having an affordable product that can teach people who to invest wisely.  

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