Finally! A South African Affiliate Program

Finally! A South African Affiliate Program

Are you interested in affiliate marketing, but every program is American based or just doesn’t deal with South Africa?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a local product to promote and be paid in Rand via EFT?

Property Mentor is a Property Investment Mentoring company based in South Africa that provides Property Mentoring Services and is offering you the chance to earn extra cash! We handle all customer queries and orders, and even refunds.

So whether you already have an email list, a blog with an audience, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter followers, or you do paid ads, it’s as simple as getting your custom links set up, send your traffic and then track your sales and watch your commission grow!

What Team is Behind Property Mentor?

What Team is Behind Property Mentor?

Toni Ninkovic, the CEO and Founder of Property Mentor.

Toni was born and raised in Serbia, and after relocating to South Africa has helped train thousands of students in Property Investment, and has personally mentored dozens of students to success.

Now, with Property Mentor going online Toni and his team is better positioned to supply their mentoring services to the whole of South Africa and help even more people achieve the success they truly seek.

With Property Mentor establishing in the South African Online market, be sure to jump on board now to earn your commissions. There are no joining costs or monthly fees.

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How does it Work?

Within the Property Mentor Affiliate system, you have access to your custom links, email swipes, ad images, and more that can help you promote specific products and sales funnels. You aren’t making sales, handling customer calls, or processing orders. You simply promote to your list of people on your website or blog, email lists, Instagram following, YouTube channel, Facebook page, Ad displays, and more! You select which products best speak to your base and drive traffic. All conversions are then tracked automatically in the system that you can view in real-time.

Commission payouts occur at the end of each following month based on the sales made in the previous month.

For every sale you generate, you get paid 20% commission on our main products (Some exceptions apply). Simply put, for every R100.00 generated by a customer you referred to us, you will earn R20.00.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most products sold by Property Mentor have a flat rate of 20% commissions. Therefore, what is counted when the commission is calculated is the subtotal value of the order. This excludes VAT, Shipping & Handling (if applicable), and any discounts.

For Example:

If a customer places an order for R100.00, and the shipping was R40.00 and the VAT was R15.00 the total of the order is R155.00, and the commission would be R20.00 going to the affiliate.

When a customer places an order through an affiliate link, the commission will be recorded in the Property Mentor Affiliate System, and then based on the payout schedule the funds will be released. However, when the customer makes either a partial or a full refund of that order, the commission is deducted based on any changes to the subtotal value of the order, and is then reflected in the payout amount at the end of the affiliate payout period.

For Example:

The Customer places an order for R350.00 with R60.00 Shipping & Handling, R52.50 VAT for a total of R462.50 the commission would be R70.00 for the affiliate. Then, a week later, the customer requests a partial refund on their order to return 1 product of the 3 they had purchased originally. So their order is modified and they are returned R70.00 so their subtotal has changed from R350.00 to R280.00 now. The commission in the Property Mentor Affiliate System is automatically modified to the following: R56.00 for the affiliate and reflected in the payout amount in the end of the next affiliate payout period.

Refunds on VAT or Shipping & Handling have no impact on the commission paid out to affiliates.

Within your affiliate account, you will have access to your custom links for the sales pages, funnels, product pages, and other locations that you can send your visitors to. Upon a user clicking your links, the system automatically tracks every user and applies a tracking cookie that follows the user on our website until the point of sale, or when the cookie expires in 90 days if no sale occurs.

The tracking system also works on a last touch basis, if a user clicks on Affiliate #1's link, and then on Affiliate #2's link a day later and then makes the sale, because Affiliate #2 was the most recent affiliate to have brought the customer to the sale, Affiliate #2 gets the commission.

The payment period is always at the end of the following month of when the commissions are generated. For example, all sales generated from April 1 to April 30 are paid out on May 31. Any refunds or chargebacks that occur on the orders in that time frame are automatically deducted from the payout and reflected in the total amount payable. All funds are released via EFT to South African banks. If your bank is not listed in the signup page, please contact us and we will review and add them on a case-by-case basis.

The minimum payout amount is R500, and if your account does not reach R500 within the first pay period, the commissions carry over into the following month until such a time that the amount reaches the payout limit.

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