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The Top 5 Mistakes people make in Property Investment

Based on Toni’s very well known book, these are the Top 5 mistakes that beginners and even experienced investors make when buying a property. This is great  information to sink your teeth in and begin your journey!

OPM – How to buy property with non of your own money

No funds? No problem! Learn the secret tricks that professional property investors use to leverage other people’s money to invest, and not spend a single cent of your own!

The tools to master Area Research

Success in property is all about Location, Location, Location! But what tools do the really successful investors use, and how do they use them? Find out in this revealing video!

How to invest like a boss at Property Auctions

Auctions can be a fantastic strategy. When is it a sure bet and when should you stop bidding? The make or break factors are shared…

The first steps to building a Power Team

Property investing is not a game you want to play on your own. Every single successful investor you know has a Power Team of people that helps them to make the right decisions, learn how in this training!

Know your numbers – The Master Property Investor’s Formula

Discover the secret formula that our team of investors use every single time before they purchase a property. This formula alone has generated our clients over a billion rand!

How to use Advanced Strategies only the pro’s know

What separates the professionals from the amateurs in property investing? Discover how Toni and the team stand out when it comes to getting their mentees results.

How to use marketing to quickly sell properties

In this video, we go over the topic of marketing yourself to potential buyers, and never have to worry again about relying on other people to find clients for you!

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