URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Why 2021 Is the key to your success In Property Investment, And How You Can Take Advantage Of This Unique Opportunity To Earn Up To R1,000,000 In Cash

The Easiest Money You’ll Ever Make As A Property Investor?

From the Desk of Toni Ninkovic:

Hey fellow property investor, are you like thousands of others struggling to find success in South Africa?

Let’s face it. 2020 did not go how anyone would have thought. 

A global pandemic followed by long term lockdowns has resulted in record businesses closing their doors forever, and many more to tighten their belts and retrench large numbers of employees.

Unemployment in South Africa has sky rocketed, and has many looking for alternate ways to make money online.

Property Investments have always been a key to long term wealth gain, but can take quite a lot of capital to get started.

Even if you have access to investment networks to access other peoples money, the cost to get started can seem daunting to those without a mentor.

With Property Mentor, we help guide our students every step of the way. We also offer an excellent affiliate program for those that believe in our process to send us students through word of mouth referrals, and have amazing cash rewards. 

That’s why for 2021, we have launched the…

We have some pretty amazing cash prize tiers for qualifying affiliates that opt in to this challenge, including the opportunity to earn R1,000,000 cash prize!

1st place will get a R100,000 cash prize, plus R100,000 for every 20 additional active & qualifying signups

2nd place will get a R80,000 cash prize, plus R80,000 for every 20 additional active & qualifying signups

3rd place will get a R60,000 cash prize, plus R60,000 for every 20 additional active & qualifying signups

4th place and beyond will get a R20,000 cash prize, plus R20,000 for every 20 additional active & qualifying signups

There’s also a R500,000 bonus available.
You read that right, half a million in cash!

In order to qualify for placement in this contest, you need to do the following:
  1. Be registered as an affiliate with Property Mentor.
  2. Sign up for the 2021 Challenge
  3. Use your custom links to bring sign ups for Property Mentoring. Qualifying products include:
    1. Monthly Mentoring (Single)
    2. Yearly Mentoring (Single)
    3. Monthly Mentoring (Couples)
    4. Yearly Mentoring (Couples)
  4. Once you reach 20 sign ups that are active for 2 months minimum, you are now qualified! The first one to qualify is given the grand prize of R100,000! Each person thereafter qualifies for the next tier. For each additional 20 new & active signups you will get a cash bonus for the tier you are qualified for.
  5. BONUS! Anyone who brings in 100 students that are active for 6 months minimum are given a cash bonus of R500,000!
  6. Additional Bonus! The first 20 people who bring in 20 signups that are active for 2 months not only get the cash prizes, but also get a free 1 year mentoring for couples from Property Mentor worth R47,964.00!
  7. Even MORE Bonuses! Anyone who brings in 10 signups that are active for 2 months are given a 12 month Online Membership with Property Mentor worth R3,564!

How To Get Started

Already Signed Up?

Log into your account

Lost your password?

New to Property Mentor?

Register a new affiliate account


How long will this challenge be active for?

The 2021 Challenge is active from January 1, 2021 to midnight December 31, 2021. The final cash prizes will be issued no later than March 1, 2022 for all qualifying referrals. Any non qualifying referrals will be paid as commission no later than February 1, 2022.

What happens if I don't meet the minimum referrals to qualify?

Anyone who brings clients to Property Mentor, but doesn’t meet the thresholds of the challenge will not qualify for any of the cash prizes, but at the end of the 2021 challenge, they will be paid in full the signup commissions owed (20%).

Do I get my commissions as well as the cash prizes?

No, it is one or the other. If you meet the minimum qualifications for a cash prize, then you will get the cash prize paid, which actually exceeds the 20% commissions. If at the end of the 2021 challenge, and you don’t qualify, then whatever commissions owed to you will be paid.

When will I get paid?

Once your qualifications have been verified, you will be paid 1 month from that date. For example, if you sign up your 20 qualifying students in January, they will have to be active for 2 months. Then in March, this will be verified, and April 1 you will receive your cash bonus.

What products qualify for the 2021 challenge?

Monthly Mentoring (Single)

Yearly Mentoring (Single)

Monthly Mentoring (Couples)

Yearly Mentoring (Couples)

If I sell a non qualifying product, what happens?

There are some products that are not part of the 2021 challenge, such as the Online Memberships, which you will receive commissions for on your regular affiliate payment schedule.

How much can one potentially earn?

While we make no guarantees of earning for an affiliate, as the actions of a customer qualifying is out of anyones control except that individual customer, it is possible for the first place affiliate to make R1,000,000 in cash if they reach 100 qualifying sales. This is due to the prize tier setup, as they would get R100,000 for every 20 qualifying sales, and upon reaching 100 qualifying sales they would receive R500,000. This would total up to R1,000,000 in cash. Technically, the earning potential is limited only by the number of qualifying sales you bring in to Property Mentor. For example, the first place affiliate could earn R2,000,000 in cash prizes if they brought in 200 qualifying sales.

How much does this cost for me to do?

There is no signup costs to join as an affiliate, and we don’t charge a monthly fee for being an affiliate either. As for the cost of promoting the Property Mentor products, the cost may vary depending on how you promote. There are many options for free advertising, as well as paid advertising, so it is up to the affiliate on the methods they wish to employ.

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